Dec 8, 2014

Lifelike Human Brain Models

It pays to have a lifelike human brain model at your disposal. We provide the most realistic and life-size Anatomical Brain Models. This is all so that you have the opportunity to interact with and get to know your way around the human brain. Haven't you ever wondered what the cerebellum looks like in real life? With our life size brain models, you get the chance to study all the parts of the human brain you want to know about in great detail.
Human Brain Model, 8 parts
Not only do these models are mounted on a base and modeled to exceptional to scientific accuracy. You will get to see the human brain in it's truest possible form outside of the human skull. The models are highly suitable for biology lessons and not only make the learning process much more fun, but they also go a long ways towards simplifying it. This is your chance to pull the human brain apart, and see just how everything really fits together.
Brain with Arteries on Base of Head, 8 part

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